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On Egypt's sun-kissed Red Coast sea

lies an otherworldly place, pastel-blue in color, cinematic in spirit, and home to a collection of artworks and antiques that continue to tell stories from around the world.


from which to admire the natural beauty and cultural character of El Gouna, La Maison Bleue is a place of architectural eclecticism amid landscaped gardens.

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LMB 080 Pool Aera 3263 Final
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Nour Marwan LM WR 1422
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Nour Marwan LM WR 1088

La Maison Bleue was built around friendship, designed by antiques collector Amr Khalil and architect Olivier Sednaoui as a dock and guest house for destination developer and investor Samih Sawiris to host his loved ones and encourage creativity in its many forms.

Over the years, the house gathered history. In the 13 suites throughout the property, one finds unique furniture pieces, painted wall murals by local artists, parquet floors, marble stairways, and lofty ceilings.

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Our greenhouse and the sea

keep our kitchen pantries stocked alongside produce from the local farmers' markets, turning up on chef Vincent Guillou's menu of European and Egyptian dishes.

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happens naturally at La Maison Bleue. From large weddings to small gatherings, the house offers a number of rooms and spaces for all kinds of events, as well as being on the doorstep of the lagoons, sandy beaches, marina nightlife and surfing opportunities at El Gouna.

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as calm as you like. In our tranquil spa, one finds a Turkish bath, a sauna, a steam room, hot and cold plunge pools, and plenty of quiet corners for moments of mindfulness.

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El Gouna

On Egypt’s beautiful Red Sea, El Gouna is known for its glistening lagoons and sandy beaches, water sports, boutique shopping opportunities, and a vibrant nightlife and dining scene year-round. Between a crystal-blue sea and the looming Red Sea mountains, El Gouna is a short flight from Europe and conveniently located just 25km north of Hurghada.

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