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LMB 211 Suite 02 Premium 2155 Final LMB 070 Terrace 2796 Final LMB 212 Suite 03 Beach Front 4743 Final (1) LMB 050 Dining Room 4967 Final LMB 080 Pool Aera 3281 Final (1) Nour Marwan LM WR 686 (1) LMB 020 Stairs 5774 Final LMB 110 Marina 3685 Final LMB 110 Marina 3696 Final
LMB 214 Suite 05 Super Premium 4350 Final (2)


La Maison Bleue offers 13 elegantly designed suites, each with their own standout style and unique personality. The Red Sea, the surrounding desert landscape, and the Gabal Sha'ib El Banat mountains provide a stunning backdrop for each suite.

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LMB 210 Suite 01 Premium 3390 Final (1) LMB 210 Suite 01 Premium 2074 Final

Spanning 80 to 120 square meters, the Premium Suites are each uniquely designed in a classically inspired décor of hardwood floors, pastel-colored walls, and elegant crystal and porcelain chandeliers.

LMB 215 Suite 06 Super Premium 0087 B Final (1) LMB 215 Suite 06 Super Premium 0221 Final (1)

On the first floor, six Super Premium Suites blend contemporary luxury with timeless glamour, each home to a singular set of period-style furnishings and featuring balconies overlooking the sea. 

LMB 212 Suite 03 Beach Front 3508 Final (1) LMB 213 Suite 04 Beach Front 0381 Final

Also home to a number of elegant period pieces from around the world, the Beach Front Suites are situated on the ground floor and offer access to the private lagoon and garden through a large terrace. 

LMB 222 Suite 15 Tower 5875 Final LMB 222 Suite 15 Tower 5477 Final

The Tower Suite on the top floor offers panoramic views over the town of El Gouna, the Red Sea, the Eastern Desert Mountains, and a stretch of picturesque coastline from a private rooftop terrace. Inside is a spacious lounge perfect for entertaining.